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Finding the right nutrition approach for you

Learn from CEO & Director of Nutrition Training, Ann Garry

Would you like to know how to make healthier nutrition choices?

Learn about effective dietary habits
Learn how to spot those red flags in trending diets
How to tap into professional guidance

In a world brimming with ever-changing dietary trends and fads, finding the right path to optimal health can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through the minefield of nutritional information, we invite you to join our free Nutrition Masterclass with HCA’s CEO & Director of Nutrition Training, Ann Garry


Ann, is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach with over 14 years of impactful experience, guiding hundreds of individuals to transform their lives through the power of nutrition.

Her wealth of knowledge and expertise has helped clients across the globe to reduce their vulnerability to chronic diseases.

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This 1 hour webinar will cover

Emerging nutrition trends and dietary shifts

How to navigate these trends and make choices that pave the way for your health and happiness.

Essential components of maintaining a well-balanced diet:

Discover how to tailor your plate for a healthier, more vibrant you

Common obstacles that can hinder our journey to a healthy diet:

Practical strategies that empower you to overcome these challenges and establish sustainable habits.

The influential role of Health Coaching in dietary transformation:

How Health Coaching can help you find the right eating plan for you and transform your health and wellness

Becoming a Professional Health Coach:

Find out how to become a Professional Health Coach in just 12 months through our part-time, Level 5 Diploma in Health & Wellness Coaching.

"I have always been healthy, followed a good diet and exercised regularly. Since starting the course, I've lost 8kg, and my Rheumatologist is blown away by how my inflammation levels have dropped, to the point that she wants to wean me off my meds. I feel more energetic, positive and have a whole new lease on life."

Sharon Rae

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