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The Secrets to Health Coaching Success

Learn from the best! With successful Health Coach Keketso Mothibi

Are you curious about the work opportunities available for Health Coaches?

Wondering if Health Coaching is a good career?
Can you make a successful living as a Health Coach?
Can Health Coaching fit around busy family life?

Join HCA graduate and successful practising Health Coach, Keketso Mothibi to gain valuable insights into a Health Coaching career, based on her own first-hand experiences.


Both Catherine and Lyn have pursued their passion for health and wellbeing into successful, rewarding Health Coaching careers, with Catherine making an inspiring shift from teaching and Lyn successfully transitioning from the corporate world. Together, they have launched their own health and wellness careers later in life and will guide you on how you can do the same.

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This 1 hour webinar will cover:

A current, up to date appraisal of the range of opportunities in Health Coaching:

Including the lucrative corporate space where businesses are now realising the need for a holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

The experience of starting a new career:

Find out how you can successfully start a new career as a Health and Wellness Coach at any stage in life, even while juggling the many responsibilities of being a busy mum

An insight into client successes:

Discover the profound impact that Health Coaching can have on the health, happiness and overall wellbeing of others and how rewarding a career in Health Coaching can be.

How to become a Professional Health Coach:

Find out more information about our part-time, Level 5 Diploma in Health & Wellness Coaching where you can become a Professional Health Coach in just 12 months.

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“My life changed the moment I made the decision to do this course. The most rewarding experience is how I was able to pull myself out of the hole I was in and am now able to help others transform their lives and live the healthy life they so deserve.”

Keketso Mothibi

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