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How to transition from corporate to Health & Wellness Coach

Learn from the best! With successful Health Coaches Lyn & Catherine

Are you wondering how you can create a successful career as a Health Coach?

Not sure how much you can earn?
Eager to learn about the different work opportunities that are available as a Health Coach?
Curious about how you can successfully support your family while changing careers?

Join two HCA team members and successful practising Health Coaches, Lyn Hatch and Sarah Stannard to explore the various settings you can practise as a Health & Wellness Coach and discover the impressive earning potential of this career.

Sarah & Lyn

Both Catherine and Lyn have pursued their passion for health and wellbeing into successful, rewarding Health Coaching careers, with Catherine making an inspiring shift from teaching and Lyn successfully transitioning from the corporate world. Together, they have launched their own health and wellness careers later in life and will guide you on how you can do the same.


This 1 hour webinar will cover:

How to change your passion for health and wellness into a new career:

Hear Catherine’s inspiring shift from teaching and Lyn’s successful transition from the corporate world and how the two have successfully launched their own health and wellness career later in life.

The ever-growing work opportunities that are available for Health Coaches

From private medical practices, clinics, and health retreats to fitness centers, the NHS, workplaces, or even establishing your private practice.

How to make a living as a full-time or part-time Health Coach:

With the growing global healthcare crisis and an increasing focus on wellness and self-care, Health Coaches are in high demand, meaning there’s the potential for a rewarding career with substantial earning potential.

An insight into client successes:

Discover the profound impact that Health Coaching can have on the health, happiness and overall wellbeing of others and how rewarding a career in Health Coaching can be.

How to become a Professional Health Coach:

Find out more information about our part-time, Level 5 Diploma in Health & Wellness Coaching where you can become a Professional Health Coach in just 12 months.

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"As soon as I started the course, I began to see the amazing health transformations people experience and I knew this was what I was destined to do. I work with so many women now and love seeing the joy when they start living really well. My practice is fully booked with a waiting list and all of my clients now come through referral”

Vicky Barnard

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