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An interview with Heidi Silcock

Heidi talks about her experience as a student and how she was able to make a difference to others as soon as she started studying with us:

What prompted you to join HCA?

I had been wanting to add a new dimension to my massage therapy business, in a way that could help clients even more. I saw HCA on my Facebook feed and it grabbed my attention immediately. Shortly after, I fell ill with viral meningitis and was literally 'out of order' for 3 months. My health had never been more important to me then, and as soon as I felt more like myself, I remembered this course, looked it up, signed up and haven't looked back.

What difference have you noticed in yourself since joining HCA?

Mainly how freeing it is to be vulnerable and how I thought I listened very well until I started this course! I’ve noticed that I’ve taken many tools on board, which have helped me and in turn helped others.

What aspect of the course do you enjoy the most?

The structure, the content and the support.

What has been a personal rewarding experience since joining HCA?

I had a chance to give some coaching to a friend in need, without planning to. It was only when I was on module 4, but I didn't feel out of my depths as by then I had so many great tools that can help with every day conversations.

Since joining HCA, have you or how have you been able to assist members of your community?

I am only half way through my course and I have been able to help my family, changing the way I shop and cook and I have shared my excitement over new discoveries with my sister and we hold each other accountable for exercise and preparing healthier meals.

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