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An interview with graduate Tracey-Lee Killey

When I look back to October 2019 and how indecisive I was, I realise how much I have grown. Then, I had to psyche myself up just to make the discovery call to see whether health coaching would be a good fit. Now, I am on the brink of accepting discovery calls from future potential clients!

My life hasn’t really changed since I graduated from HCA, it changed the moment that I joined HCA! Starting this course gave instant purpose to my days. I committed completely to being immersed in this education to find true health before I understood what commitment truly meant.

I started studying with the hope of helping people to improve their lives, little did I realise that mine would improve, evolve and expand in ways unimaginable at the time.

The best part has been finding like-minded individuals who share my passion. I have honestly found a wonderful, warm, welcoming sense of community in the HCA family. The knowledge and professionalism of all my tutors makes me proud to belong to this organisation. The kindness and respect that each and every one of my tutors has shown to me and to my fellow students is uplifting. Never did I feel less than and on the days when my confidence waned I knew that everything would be just fine because I was encouraged and supported.

I found all the online time together with students and tutors invaluable. It was always a safe space where us students could be vulnerable. Sharing our common fears and challenges and achievements and progress gave me an opportunity to put my insecurities into perspective. The richness and diversity of the online learning opportunities is wonderful. From webinars to live discussions, from online coaching sessions to individual tripod groups, each opportunity added another layer to adding to our knowledge. The tutor support sessions are genius, this is where I got to know my fellow students and tutors on a more personal level.

I remain amazed at the power of the health coaching process. Through coaching my case studies I have been able to lead my clients in new, healthy directions. Each one of them has experienced a positive turnaround from weight loss, to increased energy, to learning how to deal with stress, lowering blood pressure and just finding time for themselves and so much more. There were times when I believed that some of my clients remained stuck and were not making progress. With my small experience I realise now that each individual grows and changes in their own way and in their own time.

The most fulfilling part of this whole journey has been the fact that my husband has lost over 12kg and has never felt better. We have planted a small vegetable garden at home. We have changed our food buying habits. We all have more energy and there has been much laughter in our home over the last year. We are all curious about where our food comes from and are more circumspect about how we fuel our bodies. All of these things amaze me because I honestly have only ever coached my husband once.

On a personal level I face the future with optimism and hope. I am quietly confident that my life will evolve in wonderful ways. I can face challenges with a strength that comes from a firm core of knowing who I am.

I encourage all of the HCA students to complete this course. Keep moving forward. Never stop believing in yourself. Embrace all the hurdles that may appear and steadily remove all your obstacles and doubts. Have fun and make this knowledge that we are learning your own. Your super power is that you are unique!

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