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In just 12 months you can start a whole new

life & career

Helping people to transform their health and improve their lives is one of the most rewarding careers you could possibly have. Train with the UK’s most experienced Health Coaching & Nutrition team.  In 12 months you will be trained to become a confident, skilled, Professional Health Coach, inspiring others to live happy, healthy lives and making a real difference in the world.

Your Diploma in Health Coaching

Become a professional Health Coach with HCA

With HCA, you'll train with our Health Coaching Specialists and achieve the highest level of professionally accredited health coach training.

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Join one of our free live webinars with the HCA directors, learn new skills and discover the exciting world of Heath Coaching.

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The world needs more 

health coaches

"Health Coaches provide a vital new solution to the growing healthcare crisis and work at the heart of lifestyle, habit and behaviour change.  With HCA you can join this fast-growing, exciting profession, find new purpose, improve your own life and become part of the solution.  We have been working as Health Coaches and training others since 2003; we LOVE what we do, and you will too."

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Find out if Health Coaching is the new career for you

Sameer Dossani from the Health Coaches Academy

Fantastic and amazing journey, there is always a new skill to learn.


Coleen from the Health Coaches Academy

I love being a Health Coach, I'm going to change the world 1 person at a time


Keketso from the Health Coaches Academy

You are all amazing! A terrific course that I would 100% recommend


Health Coaches Academy Prospectus

Download your
HCA prospectus

Download our prospectus and find out more about the syllabus, course fees and learning experience with the Health Coaches Academy.

Charmaine from the Health Coaches Academy

I've been in training for years, worked in HR for years and have done many many courses and I've never ever experienced anything like this course! It's above and beyond anything I've ever experienced. I'd never have been able to do this without HCA!


Anita Kaumpek from the Health Coaches Academy

Studying with HCA has been one of the most life changing times of my life. It's gone over and beyond my expectations. HCA has given me the confidence and training to bring together nutrition and exercise with the all important coaching.


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