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The Health Coaches Academy

podcast series

HCA Talks Health, is a must-listen for anyone who is passionate about health and wellness. With a focus on in-depth health and wellness related subjects, the podcast series aims to bring together experts in the field of health and wellness coaching to share their insights and experiences.

HCA Talks Health explores a wide range of health-related issues, including mental health disorders and diseases, sustainable weight loss, stress, sleep, self-empowerment, and popular topical subjects such as perimenopause and anxiety. By covering such a diverse range of topics, HCA ensures that there is something for everyone who is interested in health and wellness.

This podcast is episode 1 from our series and is all about the ‘Alzheimer’s is preventable’ campaign that is run through the Food for Brain Foundation. We talk to Patrick Holford about how to raise awareness around the importance of optimum nutrition in mental health and what lifestyle changes you can put in place to prevent Alzheimer's. 

Welcome to episode 2 of HCA Talks Health, where we delve into the fascinating world of Health Coaching. In this episode, our host Zena Le Roux sits down with Sarah Stannard, a highly successful and fully booked Health Coach from the UK. During this episode, Sarah offers valuable insights and perspectives from her role as a practicing Health Coach.

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One of HCA Health Talks hosts

meet Zena

Zena le Roux is one of our HCA Talks Health hosts.  Zena is a HCA graduate and health and nutrition trainer here at HCA. She is a successful Health Coach and also a health journalist (MA).


"I love interviewing interesting people who are experts in their field across the globe. Using the ‘HCA Talks Health’ platform, our listeners and followers will learn more about what our inspirational guests do and have discovered in the world of health and wellness, and how we can all use the information to improve our own lives and support our clients in doing the same."

As a journalist, Zena also enjoys delving deeply into new health research to help our HCA Talks Health audience navigate through an often-overwhelming amount of information, and then they can make it relevant to their own lives.

How to become a successful Health Coach

Let's talk

One of the unique features of the podcast series is its focus on how to become a successful Health Coach. The series will provide insights into the daily lives of Health Coaches, including the areas that they work with clients such as mindset, behavioral change, and setting new habits. This focus on the profession of Health Coaching provides valuable insights for anyone who is considering a career as a Health Coach.

The podcast series also features innovative experts and pioneers in the world of wellness who are making a real difference in the field of health and wellness coaching. By featuring these experts, listeners are kept up to date with the latest developments in the profession and they have access to the most cutting-edge information.


Are you passionate about

health & wellness?

HCA Talks Health is an excellent resource for anyone who is passionate about health and wellness. Whether you are a qualified Health Coach, studying to become a Health Coach, thinking about becoming a Health Coach, or simply want to be healthier, the podcast series has something to offer.

With its focus on up to the minute health and wellness related subjects, its insights into the profession of Health Coaching, its innovative experts, and its accessibility, it is unequivocally a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field of health and wellness coaching.

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