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What happens after I'm Qualified?

We care about you as a student with us during your studies and we also care about your results practising out there in the world; we have our very own Health Coaches Hub EXCLUSIVELY for HCA graduates to keep you motivated, building on your skillset and moving forward with your business.

When you graduate you will have the opportunity to join the HUB providing you with a new community of like-minded professionals and business club membership, giving you access to:

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Regular live continued professional development events

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Graduate Facebook group with your graduate community

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Group Coaching Sessions with our team of Business Mentors


Lead magnets you can use to promote your services


Discounts on websites, branding, design and other services for Health Coaches

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You will be invited to join the Hub at a special HCA graduate price as you near the end of your studies


The HUB is an invaluable resource that offers a wealth of information, diverse content, networking opportunities, and essential support and a confidence builder to help me grow my business. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any recent graduate looking to kickstart their Health Coaching journey. The HUB Team are motivating and always there to help.

Lyn Varfalvi

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Connecting with like-minded people across the globe; sharing experiences, insights and gaining the confidence to continue in what is a 'life-changing' experience for me and making a difference in the lives of others. A great value-add are the collectible tools each month with the added bonus of the wonderful support and motivation from the team - Thank you!

Jo Sfarnas


Joining the HUB was one of the best decisions I have made after Graduating from HCA. To start a new Health Coaching practice Comes with trials and tribulations. The group support is what pulls you through as you are part of a community that wants to succeed. The key for me is community and accountability. I don't want to disappoint Mentors at the HUB so it keeps me pushing forward.

The lead magnets are great and a huge time saver as a soul business owner there is a lot to focus on. I can talk a lot about the advantages of every aspect of the HUB, but if I have to say it in short and as I have said many times If you are serious about being a health coach and helping your community joining the HUB is a no Brainer.

Johan du Plessis


 the one thing that the HUB has taught me is that Coaching, by its very nature, is collaborative.  Whether you are collaborating with a Client to help them to achieve their Health goals or whether you are collaborating with other Coaches to add value to your gift and expertise - collaboration is the art of Coaching.

Vivienne Jacobsz


I am really delighted I made the decision to join the hub a few months ago. It is such a supportive space with great quality content and resources we can use in our own businesses along with lots of information, mentoring and advice to help grow your confidence as a Health Coach and launch and/or grow your business.

Elsa Wye

Heidi Silcock.jpg

The Hub is my safe haven of support, encouragement and care. To me it has felt like a very necessary stepping stone between the exhilarating feeling of graduating, to the daunting feeling of 'what now?' Even though our amazing HCA course has given us everything we need to start up our own Health Coaching business, The HUB has been the answer as far as holding my hand each step of the way AND SO MUCH MORE is concerned!

One thing in particular that is has helped me with is my confidence, especially with regards to "Just saying YES" and getting out there doing talks. I don't think I would have had the guts to do that without backing out. Each and every webinar I have attended brings me closer to where I want to be and more confident to be the Coach I am and will grow to be. Forever grateful!

Heidi Silcock

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