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How HCA coaches are

changing lives


To help more people who might not typically have access to health coaching, and to share the efficacy of health coaching , HCA works with non-profit organisations worldwide to improve the lives and wellbeing of deserving communities.

This is part of Project RIO, which stands for Research & Development, Innovation, and Outreach. As part of the Outreach component, we help support student and graduate health coaches into non-profit organisations to support communities in need worldwide.


Happy in Her Body is a London-based Community Interest Company (CIC), which empowers disadvantaged women in London, offering a holistic program that includes health coaching, complementary therapies, and lifestyle medicine courses. 

Clara, an HCA student, volunteered for several weeks, providing invaluable Health Coach support that significantly benefited the participants through both one-to-one mentoring sessions and group sessions. She dedicated her time to meeting with a group of women weekly to establish their goals and take proactive steps towards better health and a happier life.

Tish, Director of Happy in Your Body CIC, praised Clara's contributions, stating, “Clara has been a great asset to our program. She has provided wonderful support and recently led a group session for which we were delighted to compensate her.”

Reflecting on her experience, Clara shared, “I was eager for hands-on work experience, and when I saw this opportunity, I knew I had to apply. The women I have worked with have been incredible - they've undergone life-changing journeys and many can’t wait for the next programme to begin. Imagine the impact if more interventions like this were available. Health Coaches are really needed out there; we can make such a difference.

To other training Health Coaches, I encourage you: don't hesitate to apply yourselves and get involved. Many people are unaware of what health coaching involves, so it's crucial we're out there, making our role known.”


The Bellhaven Harm Reduction Centre offers medical and psycho-social services to approximately 200 low-income clients dealing with substance use disorders. Our students and graduates leveraged their health coaching skills to support Bellhaven's members in various capacities, with nine participating in a 6-week programme, volunteering both in-person and online.


The work they have done has positively impacted many lives in numerous ways:

  • Clients have expressed feeling deeply heard and understood, achieving both small victories and major breakthroughs in their health journeys. 

  • Health professionals, often prioritising others' wellbeing, have finally been able to put their own self-care first . 

  • Innovations sparked during group sessions led by Health Coaches have inspired new approaches and insights. 

  • Through a supportive community of practice and mentoring, HCA students and graduates have seen their confidence and competence grow. 

“I am really grateful for the opportunity to access a Health & Wellness Coach. The sessions have brought my dream back of running an orphanage. This always looked almost impossible to achieve looking at my current ‘location’. Health coaching has helped this vision to come alive again. It has revived self-awareness, self-value, and self-patience.” - Nkeka, Bellhaven Client

“It has been an incredible journey for me. I have improved in many aspects of my life. I feel much better and much healthier than before. I have regained my focus, dedication and productivity and I am able to complete my tasks on time” - Clovis, Bellhaven Client

“The experience has been amazing for me. Initially I doubted the whole experience. I counsel people, I don’t want to be counselled. But it was a great experience and my coach Hlengi was amazing!”- Bellhaven Client

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get involved

Would you like to join our mission to create healthier, happier communities across the globe?

If you have any connections with Not-for-Profit organisations that could benefit from voluntary Health Coaching opportunities, please email us at: 

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