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Why Work with an HCA

health & wellness coach?

Are you looking to improve your health and wellbeing with the support of a professional who is highly qualified and genuinely committed to your success?

Health Coaches Academy (HCA) graduate coaches are equipped with the expertise and experience necessary to help you achieve your health goals.

Here’s why choosing an HCA Health & Wellness Coach is a decision you can trust:

HCA graduates.jpg

Qualified with an internationally accredited Level 5 Diploma

Trained to the highest standards, having completed a course recognised and approved by leading and respected coaching associations including the UKIHCA, Qualifi, and COMENSA in South Africa, and accredited by the Association for Coaching and Personalised Care Institute (PCI).

Expert Training & Mentoring

Received personal training from the senior HCA team, including our Directors and special guest industry experts from around the globe. This training includes both online and in-person sessions, plus weekly group mentoring with industry specialists in coaching, health & wellness, nutrition, and marketing, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the field.


A Comprehensive Curriculum

Studied a comprehensive curriculum and passed rigorous assessment criteria, demonstrating in-depth knowledge and essential skills for effective health coaching, as well as strong health foundations to guide clients through their health journeys and achieve their goals.

Extensive Live Training

Undergone 90+ hours of live training, both online and in-person. Live in-person Health Coach training events are a unique and integral part of the HCA course.


Practical Experience

Completed over 50 hours of coaching practice in various formats, including groups, tripods, and one-on-one sessions, and extensive case studies with 6 or more clients to gain practical hands-on experience and apply learning in practice.

Live Supervision Sessions

Undertaken a live supervision session with a volunteer client, receiving insightful and constructive feedback from the senior training team to continually improve their coaching abilities.

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Qualified Life Coach

Recognised as a qualified Life Coach having trained in the HCA GREAT Coaching Process; a powerful behaviour change model that helps individuals to define their goals and devise actionable plans to achieve them to enhance life satisfaction, overall wellbeing, and provide clear direction for a more fulfilling life.

Personal Transformation

Experienced profound personal transformations having tried and tested the different health coaching techniques themselves, improving their own health and lives in the process.


By choosing to work with an HCA Health & Wellness Coach, you are selecting a professional who is highly qualified, extensively trained, and passionately committed to helping you transform your health and wellbeing. Not all health coach training is equal; in a self-regulated industry, it is crucial to ensure you work with those who have credible qualifications.

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