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How to empower neurodivergent individuals through health coaching

With Professional Health & Wellness Coaches, Candace & Lyn


Would you like to deepen your understanding of neurodiversity and its impact?

 Are you eager to learn how you can support those with neurodivergent conditions, such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia? Are you intrigued about the role that exercise can play in supporting neurodiversity? 

Join HCA team members and successful Health & Wellness Coaches, Candace Vermaak and Lyn Hatch to delve into the crucial topic of neurodiversity and how we can support individuals with neurodivergent conditions through health coaching.


"I have loved everything about this course, particularly having the opportunity to support my neurodivergent community.


Using my new found knowledge, I have developed "recipes'' to help those with a neurodivergent diagnosis to tackle their day to day life, reduce their anxieties and improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing. It has been so rewarding."

Zuzana, HCA Graduate

In this 1 hour webinar you will learn:

  • What it means to be neurodivergent including the unique strengths and challenges it brings to individuals

  • What Health Coaches need to know about supporting people with Neurodiversity and the essential approach to take 

  • The importance of exercise or physical activity for neurodivergent individuals

  • How to support people in this way by becoming a professional Health & Wellness Coach in just 12 months with our Level 5 Diploma training course.

Register Here:

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