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A Complete Guide to Choosing a Health Coach Training Provider + FREE Checklist

Choosing the right Health Coaching training provider is a critical decision in your journey to becoming a certified Health Coach.

We understand that for many, this is a life-changing decision that involves an investment in time, money and in some cases resigning from a job that no longer aligns with your goals.

With a minefield of information available online and so many different factors to consider, perhaps you’re wondering where to start?

We’ve created a handy guide and downloadable checklist to help you make the right choice for YOU!


Comprehensive Curriculum

Comprehensive Curriculum

First things first, when choosing a Health Coaching training provider, one of the most important factors to consider is the quality of educational content.

A robust curriculum is essential for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to excel as a Health Coach. We recommend choosing a training provider that prepares you with the depth of knowledge required to coach confidently in various, diverse scenarios, covering a wide range of topics from the foundations of coaching, nutrition, and behaviour change to marketing skills and launching a successful Health Coaching practice.

Some curriculum focussed questions to ask a training provider may be:

  • What is the curriculum structure, and how is it organised for your Health Coach training course? Understanding how the curriculum is structured and organised will help you get a clear picture of the learning journey. At HCA, our 12--month training consists of 4 key pillars including: Foundations of Coaching, Foundations of Health & Wellness, Health Coaching in Action and Becoming a Health Coach / Essential Launch Formula.

  • What are the core modules covered in your Health Coach training programme? This question helps you identify the key areas of study within the curriculum, ensuring it aligns with your learning objectives.

  • How is the curriculum updated to stay current with industry trends and developments? Knowing that the curriculum is current and aligned with industry trends is essential for receiving relevant and practical education in the field of Health Coaching.

“My life has been enriched by studying through HCA. I have gained a better understanding of the inter-connectedness of our bodies and minds and how delicately we need to be guided back into balance. I enjoyed the solid coaching tuition and the tools we have at our disposal to promote deeper thinking and understanding of behaviour. I feel very confident that the teaching I have been exposed to is solid enough to hold others in a safe space.” - Alison Hurt

Health Coach Training Accreditation's and Certification

Selecting the appropriate training course that equips you with the confidence to practice as a highly skilled Health Coach is crucial. Equally important is the recognition and approval of the Health Coaching course you choose by respected accreditation bodies and professional associations.

The main ones to look for include:

  • UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA) - the professional body for Health and Wellness Coaches for the UK and Ireland. The Health Coaches Academy was the first UK college to go through their new, more stringent assessment criteria upgraded in 2021 giving you confidence that the training is delivered to the highest standards

  • Personalised Care Institute (PCI) - Launched by NHS England in 2020 to help staff involved in people’s health and care to develop the knowledge and skills to support the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan and the Comprehensive Model for Personalised Care. The Institute has assessed HCA's Health Coaching diploma via the PCI’s rigorous quality assurance and accreditation framework.

  • Association for Coaching (AC) - a leading independent, professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of coaching, worldwide. HCA is accredited by AC.

  • QUALIFI - As a UK awarding organisation regulated by the government body Ofqual, Qualifi endorses quality institutions, programmes and award certifications that demonstrate attainment, skills, knowledge and understanding. The Health Coaches Academy’s Diploma Course will lead to a Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching.

  • COMENSA - the SAQA recognised professional body for Coaching and Mentoring in South Africa who regulate the coaching and mentoring professions in South Africa. HCA is COMENSA approved.

“I looked all over and found HCA to be the most comprehensive and highest accredited Health Coaching College.” Helene Malan


Level of Experience of Academic Team

CEO & Director of Health Coach Training, Carolyn St John Loder

The course mentors themselves play a pivotal role in shaping the quality of any training. In this case, it is crucial to learn from experts in the Health Coaching field.

At HCA, our team brings extensive real-world experience to the course with invaluable guidance. With a history of Health Coaching dating back to 2003, we were among the first in the UK to work as Health Coaches and each and everyone of our core team members successfully run their own Health Coaching practices.

When you're in the process of selecting the right Health Coach training, some important factors to keep in mind include:

  • Experience: How many years have the organisation been actively involved in the Health Coaching field?

  • Mentorship: Who will be guiding you through the course? What is their expertise and experience?


Flexibility and Online Learning

Flexibility is an important factor to consider, especially for those with busy schedules and various commitments.

A key question to ask yourself is ‘does the course fit around your lifestyle and personal commitments?’

A question that we frequently receive at HCA is whether our Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching can be completed alongside a regular day job. The answer? Absolutely. In fact, the majority of our students successfully balance their coursework with full-time employment.

On average, students dedicate approximately 10-12 hours per week to study the course material, attend Core Live Mentor sessions and participate in various related events.

“Being a Health Coach has given me the opportunity and flexibility to build work around my other priorities in life such as family, self-care, and my own health. My advice would be that if it feels like you’re aligned with it, then just go for it, don’t hesitate. I wish I had done it 10 years ago!” - Sarah Stannard


Practical Experience

Live Health Coach Training

Given that Health Coaching is a profession reliant on skills development, it's important to evaluate the training course for opportunities to apply and hone these skills, particularly if the training takes place online.

At HCA, although our Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching takes place predominantly online, we offer ample opportunities to apply your coaching skills in real-life coaching scenarios as we know that these hands-on experiences play a pivotal role in boosting your confidence and competence as a Health Coach.


Level of Support

A supportive community can make a really significant difference in your learning journey. A comprehensive Health Coach training provider should offer a robust support system that includes access to mentors, expert guidance and opportunities for interaction. The availability of mentors to answer questions and provide feedback ensures that you can clarify doubts and receive personalised assistance as needed. Peer support and a sense of community among fellow students can also be invaluable for sharing experiences and knowledge.

Some of the key things to find out when it comes to support include:

  • Are there dedicated mentors available for support throughout the entire training process?

  • How do mentor sessions work within your training course? Are they structured and how often do they take place?

  • Are there specific platforms or communities where students can connect with mentors and fellow students to share experience and knowledge?

At HCA for example, we make sure each student feels like part of the ‘HCA family’. A unique feature of our course is our weekly mentorship sessions led by specialists in various fields, including Coaching, Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Health Coaching, and Marketing. These sessions take place in small groups of students who often create long-lasting friendships!


Student & Graduate Success Stories

3-Day Live Experiential Event

When evaluating Health Coach training providers it can be beneficial to seek out success stories and testimonials from recent graduates.

Reputable training providers typically encourage students to provide feedback during and upon completing their courses which are often helpful to gauge the value of the programme that you’re considering. Such reviews can offer insights into the organisation’s reliability, support and capacity to deliver high quality training. Not only that, they can be motivating and inspirational too!

A good place to start is with the reliable platform, Google where you will find some of our most recent reviews.


Health Coach Career Assistance

When considering a training provider, it's important to think about the support offered beyond course completion. Your journey as a Health Coach doesn't end with a diploma; that’s just the beginning.

On that, some important questions to ask a training provider about their post-course support may be:

  • What kind of support do you offer to graduates as they transition into their Health Coaching careers?

  • Can you provide details about any ready-made client programmes and tools that graduates have access to after completing the course?

  • Do you offer mentorship or guidance on setting up and growing a Health Coaching practice?

At HCA, we understand the significance of this transition and go the extra mile to support graduates in launching a successful Health Coaching career. That includes access to ‘done-for-you’ client programmes and tools that enable you to hit the ground running upon graduation. It also includes access to our Essential Launch Formula’ as taught by our team of experienced Business Mentors.


Selecting the right training provider is a pivotal decision that can shape your entire journey as a Health Coach. It's not a choice to be taken lightly, and making an informed decision is essential to your future success.

Thousands of students choose HCA as their go-to Health Coach training provider due to our accreditation, comprehensive curriculum, experienced mentors, flexibility, practical experience, supportive community, and proven track record of success.

To help you make this crucial choice, we've created a handy downloadable checklist.



Discover Health Coaching for yourself.

Talk to our team today and find out how you can make a real difference!

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