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An interview with graduate Millicent Tlhapane

A friend and colleague noticed my passion in healthy living and wondered what would bring fulfilment in my life especially at a time when I was frustrated by my career. One day, she saw a program on TV and wrote down the HCA website. She gave it to me and asked if I would be interested in that line of Health.

From that moment, everyday has been a new experience. I opened up to an idea that I was not sure would have such an impact in my life and I am grateful that I allowed myself to be transformed. Earlier this year I joined a 5-week coaching experience. In every session, my coach helps me pave a path that gives me access to my potential.

I was fortunate to also participate in the live training which reassured me that I chose the right path. Other aspects of the course that I enjoy are webinars, tutorials, coaching clinics and tripods where you experience coaching in all levels.

In the past four weeks, I felt everything in my life fall into place.

I committed to clarify my wellness vision and trial the blood sugar balancing eating plan. The actions I took are rewarding - I feel good about myself, I choose to do more of the things I like, my sleeping routine has improved and I have gained peace of mind.

My perspective about my career has changed. I no longer see it as a stumbling block but it complements my passion in a remarkable way.
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