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How to Boost Your Energy with Blood Sugar Balancing

Learn from CEO & Director of Nutrition Training, Ann Garry

Tuesday 25th June | 12pm (UK) 1pm (SA)

Would you like to know how balancing your blood sugar can improve your wellbeing?

Do you often feel tired, irritable, or struggle with overwhelming cravings?
Have you ever wondered why your energy levels fluctuate throughout the day?

In a world brimming with ever-changing dietary trends and fads, finding the right path to optimal health can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through the minefield of nutritional information, we invite you to join our CEO & Director of Nutrition Training, Ann Garry to learn about the simple yet life changing blood sugar balanced way of eating.

Meet our CEO,
Ann Garry

Having lost important family members who could still be with us today if they had the knowledge I do now, I became determined to work in health and nutrition to educate others on taking control of their health. Whether this is diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, the way they think, happiness levels, whatever is contributing to loss of health and wellness.

For over 14 years, I’ve guided hundreds to transform their lives, reducing their vulnerability to chronic diseases. 

DSC_7951 (1).jpg
Diana Moopisa (1).jpg

Learning about blood sugar balancing has been one of the most important information and practices that I have learnt and applied myself. It has been the most fulfilling journey that I have been on.

I now know what to eat, how to read food ingredients lists, how to listen to my own body and balance my own blood sugar and I want to share this knowledge and be a helping hand to the next person, family, friends and all.

Diana, HCA Graduate

In this 1 hour webinar you will learn about:

  • Why blood sugar balancing is essential for our overall wellbeing and keeping our energy levels stable

  • What happens when blood sugar levels are disrupted and the impact on your body

  • The three simple blood sugar balancing principles to follow to start making a difference today

  • How becoming a Health Coach can transform your own eating habits and inspire others, with a focus on living a blood sugar balanced lifestyle

  • Find out how you can become a professional Health & Wellness Coach in just 12 months with our part-time, Level 5 Diploma training course. 

Register Here:

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