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An interview with graduate Amira Harneker

It feels really good that I can transform my passion into a meaningful service to those who seek the benefits of health coaching. I have taken much longer than initially anticipated to complete the course. At first this was a frustration, but as time progressed and particularly during the case study leg of the course, I realised that, for me, it was a case of the longer the better.

In the process I’ve managed to internalise and distill what was happening for me as well as my case studies and really learned what I needed to on an experiential level. I have made shifts from learning from an intellectual to an experiential and at times even spiritual level.

My case study work, probably took between 7-9 months and in hind sight this was invaluable. Some of the lessons cannot be rushed as they are life lessons which manifest at a deep level with many light bulb moments. In so doing , this course and in particular the case studies module has taught me to be patient and to be ok with the length of time it took.

The course has provided me not only with tools, but with some invaluable lessons. Health coaching has provided me with tools that have taught me about relationship building through connection that has been profound. What it truly means to listen without judgement and preconceived ideas.

To trust those lessons and see how the wisdom of those lessons present to you and plays out – this has been really rewarding and exciting. Since graduating , I have been coaching a client for a couple of months. What is rewarding about this is not having to prepare, but rather to wait for what unfolds. It's quite amazing sometimes. Every session is new and unexpected. The course has given me indispensable tools , a new way to relate to a client as well as more confidence to move ahead into a more strategic partnership.

A shift from trying to fix to a space which is empowering and liberating for my client. With that comes less anxiety to rush to a solution and more freedom to walk with the client at his/her pace which becomes less hurried.

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