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An interview with graduate Charmaine van Dyk

I express my deepest gratitude to everyone involved at Health Coaches Academy for accompanying me on this journey which gave new meaning to my life! As a believer in life-long learning, I have a passion for learning and have lost count of the numbers of courses I have attended.

In all the years of being exposed to training in its many facets, I have never experienced the superior quality education that was presented by this institution. The quality of training material is high. The modules are written in a way which will appeal to different types of learners, promoting understanding with picture sand detailed explanations.

The coaching tools provide assistance to coaches in the form of exercises that help move the clients towards their desired outcomes. Extra resources are provided to be used by coaches in their own businesses – all have been developed with care to address the needs of clients. The approach of blended learning is highly beneficial, as it caters to all its learners needs – theoretical learning is combined with online events, tutor sessions, group discussions and participation in student groups.

I never felt alone, as fellow students supported and encouraged each other. I experienced the Academy as more than a learning institution – it consists of a community of like-minded people who motivate each other. What is most remarkable for me, is something that cannot be pre-prepared, written or bought: the dedication and caring attitude of the staff – from the directors to admin and tutors; everyone was highly professional and always helpful. I would like to acknowledge each one for their thoughtful and considerate attention to my training needs and personal development.

As a recent graduate I aim to start my own coaching business in the future. Currently I apply my new skills in my workplace, where I assist individual colleagues with health-related problems and do briefing sessions for employees on health issues. Thank you to all at Health Coaches Academy for providing me with this awesome learning experience!

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