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An interview with graduate Tammy Lewis

What prompted you to join HCA

After years in Marketing I found it was not fulfilling me any more, and so I became a yoga

teacher. I feel passionately about helping people and I became immersed in the

health and wellness industry through teaching and through some health issues of

my own. I saw what many of my clients needed and realised I wanted to dive

deeper into this industry.

I researched a couple of different Health Coaching Courses and decided on HCA as it was accessible and the coaches were easy to relate to. Through the tutorials, webinars and live training events it felt more intimate and personal than some of the other online courses. Although the course is challenging on a few different levels, it also feels like you’re part of a supportive and like-minded community.

What difference have you noticed in yourself since joining HCA

I feel accountable for my own choices. I know that there is no quick fix and no way to cheat the system - you are what you eat. I have realised how important it is for me and my loved ones, for me to prioritise my health, it's not selfish, its essential for us all. I have become a better listener.

What aspect of the course do you enjoy the most

That’s a hard question. I love the Nutrition and Coaching components equally, but I think what I love most is putting what I am learning into practice, in the various practical assignments.

What has been a personal rewarding experience since joining HCA

Learning about blood sugar balancing and getting mine under control. Feeding my brain again after being a stay-at-home mum for 3 years. Feeling inspired again. Since joining HCA, have you or how have you been able to assist members of your Community

I am not at the case study stage yet, but the shorter exercises I have done with members of my community have also been helpful to them - I have received great feedback with my case studies after working through the health coaching tools with people. I don’t give too much away to potential future clients, but I certainly am educating members of my family and close friends with some of the knowledge and insights I am gaining. I have reached out to the HCA Student and Tutor community a few times with some health questions and they have been incredibly helpful.

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