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An interview with graduate Zena le Roux

I've helped so many people to restore balance in their lives and gain health. I started specialising in clients with chronic diseases and it's the most fulfilling thing to see how many of their blood-work return to normal - something their doctors have been struggling with for years. I love how I really have the tools to enable people to live a quality life once again.

For the first time in my life, I've got a job that truly fulfils and excites me! I just can't get enough.

I found the interactions with the tutors, the live training and the self-reflective part of the course extremely valuable. It's so important to go through a transformative process yourself to really experience the powerful effect of what we learn first-hand. I also volunteered for as many experiences as possible (such as coaching clinics with Marcelle, coaching sessions with Mary and coaching opportunities during the live training) - and this really helped me to make big shifts in my life.

What has been some of your most rewarding experiences as a Health Coach?

I guess seeing blood-work return to normal as well as seeing how clients go from stuck to having hope again.

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