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From Health Crisis to Catalyst: Dani's Journey to Health Coaching

Sometimes it takes losing our health to realise its true importance and motivate us to take action. This was the case for Dani.

Dani’s life was a whirlwind of performance-based love driven by the excessive demands of build projects, business, marriage, motherhood, people-pleasing, suppressing her own feelings and proving ‘I am enough’.

The impact of life's demands on wellbeing

Growing up in a selfless family and living in a toxic environment as an adult took a significant toll on her wellbeing. 


As a mum of three she found herself grappling with a number of chronic health issues, including endocrine dysfunction, eczema, and chronic fatigue syndrome. These were characterised by exhaustion, brain fog, memory issues, muscle pain, bloating and altered sensations.

Professionally, Dani had a successful career in estate agency and ran her own marketing businesses, The Brand Effect and Market Mall, until ill health stopped everything. With a degree in business management and a background in PR, Dani had noticed that many of the directors and executives she worked with were experiencing similar limiting beliefs and health issues as herself. 

Finding a passion for health and wellness

This realisation sparked a passion in her to address her own mindset and health problems, and inspire others to do the same. Dani reasoned that progression to ill health must also be reversible so she set about finding the ‘principles and miracles’ to transform her health. 


Determined, she embarked on a journey of inner healing, and wrote a book which she named ‘Resilient Brilliant You’ detailing her dynamic recovery pathway of 21 steps and has since been deemed as ‘revolutionary’. It even led to an encounter with the famous singer, Peter Andre, during the filming of a BBC One Show. Peter is open about his own health challenges with anxiety. 

Resilient, Brilliant, You


Training to become a Health & Wellness Coach

Dani's quest for knowledge led her to Heaven in Healthcare and HCA, where she made the decision to train as a Healing Minister, and Health and Wellness Coach to understand the principles behind her transformational recovery.

Today she helps clients with CFS, ME and fibromyalgia rooted in a lifetime of accumulated stressors including ACES, unprocessed emotions, toxic environments and lack of self-care.  Patrick Holford describes multi-system symptoms as  ‘internal global warming’.


Supporting Health and Wellbeing initiatives

Since graduating as a Professional Health & Wellness Coach, graduating in December 2023, Dani has grown her support for several health initiatives including: 


-Supporting the mental health charity, Mind: 


Dani initially approached Revival Cafe in Kent to offer her support to those experiencing mental health issues and was asked to lead a women’s wellness session the very next week, which she successfully conducted and was asked to join their mental health bank team. She is now preparing to launch a 'Resilient Brilliant You' pilot group there in July with the intention of a national roll out.


-Offering Luxury Wellness Retreats: 


Dani has purchased a property on the Kent coast where she runs the 'Vitamin Sea Residency,' offering luxury wellness days and stays with a menu of health coaching, coastal walks and a wellness spa. She also leads coastal walks for the NHS. Plans are in place to launch a 21 Day ‘Resilient You Retreat’ on Zoom. 


-Engaging in Community Health Projects: 


The Great Outdoor Gym Company

Along with Olympian Sally Gunnell, Dani is an Activator for outdoor gym provider 'The Great Outdoor Gym Company' encouraging local communities to exercise outdoors and championing the ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet’ message. She is also developing a 'Worry to Wellness' programme for schools, having already piloted the scheme in Kent with incredible results.


A vision for healthier, resilient communities

Becoming a Health Coach has enabled Dani to understand the science behind her own health decline and recovery, and develop a dynamic pathway to help others. A combination of diet, prayer, movement, joy activation, meaningful connection and self-discovery has led to optimal wellness for Dani and opened doors to many exciting opportunities.


Her dream is to create resilient, brilliant nations where people experience dynamic shifts in their mindset, leading to healthier habits, emotional healing, physical recovery, fruitful self-care and overall wellness.


Dani's story is a powerful testament to the transformative impact of health coaching and highlights how important it is to be proactive about our health. By addressing her own health problems head-on and inspiring others to do the same, she demonstrates that we all have the power to make positive changes and reclaim our health and happiness. 

Explore a career in Health & Wellness Coaching


If you’re inspired by Dani’s journey, consider exploring a career in health coaching and start your own path to helping others achieve their best health. Book a free Discover Health Coaching call with our specialist course consultants:


To find out more about Dani, visit:

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