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From Service to Wellness: Sarah's Path from Military Life to Health Coaching

In life, we often find ourselves on unexpected paths that shape our journey in ways we never anticipated. For HCA student Sarah, transitioning from a 10-year career in the RAF to becoming a military spouse was a significant turning point and sparked a quest to rediscover her identity and purpose, while nurturing her passion for health and helping others. 

Sarah riding for the RAF at Royal Windsor.
Sarah riding for the RAF at Royal Windsor

A Passion for Health and Fitness

With a life-long interest in health and fitness, excelling in sports and food technology during her school years, Sarah’s passion for sports led her to join the military, where she had a fantastic 10-year career in the RAF, full of challenges and rewards. The military took her around the world and introduced her to her husband. However, the demands of being a family with two serving parents prompted her to leave to focus on her family.

After her military career, Sarah pursued accounting, hoping for a portable career that could move with her husband's postings. Unsatisfied, she later became a teaching assistant and then a Community Liaison Officer, roles that still left her yearning for more. Her passion for fitness, cooking, and supporting others didn't fit neatly into existing career paths. 

Discovering Health Coaches Academy

“I love to keep myself fit and have a passion for sports but I didn't want to be a full time personal trainer. I love to cook and am always discovering new ways of being able to eat well in our convenient world, but again, I didn’t want to be a chef.
I would describe myself as a people person and always find myself in a supportive role, I really wanted a career that encompassed all of my passions, so you can imagine my delight when I came across the Health Coaches Academy!"
sarah running

HCA’s focus on holistic health coaching resonated deeply with her, offering a blend of fitness, nutrition, and personal support.

“The things that really stood out to me about HCA were the inspirational, real stories of graduates and how they’re supporting others to live their healthiest lives yet. Also the fact that I could have a personal call with a working Health Coach to find out exactly what a career in health coaching looks like and share more about what I want to do.
Then there was the 3 day live event, weekly mentoring sessions, several 1 day special live events, guest speakers, the list goes on! It almost seemed too good to be true!” 

Challenges Faced by Military Families

While considering HCA, Sarah participated in a life coaching initiative for military spouses. This experience underscored the impact of coaching on her own life and ignited a determination to support other military spouses, particularly with their health and overall wellbeing. 

“Being a military spouse is an amazing yet challenging experience. It is hard to put into words as it can feel like you become a different version of yourself everytime you move, which in the military, you typically do every 3 to 5 years. 
That means a new house, new schools, new friends, potentially new jobs for spouses all while being away from family and our support networks. Then there’s the impact on your children to consider too and being left alone while your partner is deployed, sometimes for up to 6 months in a totally different timezone, making it hard to communicate.” 

Recognising the unique challenges faced by military families, Sarah set out on a mission to help those in a similar position to her to find stability and fulfillment.

“There is a huge need to support military families. Although there are charities that are set up to provide support in times of crisis, I want to prevent families from reaching a crisis. I still feel that more can be done and am excited to be learning skills through this course to do just that!” 

Military Community Initiatives and Health Coaching

In her role as a Community Liaison Officer, Sarah has already initiated a "walk, talk, and connect" group, providing the opportunity for fellow military spouses to meet and chat about various different health topics. This small effort had a positive impact, reinforcing her belief in the power of health coaching. 

walk, talk and connect

“The walks provide an opportunity to meet others and to just chat and they are already having a very positive effect. We discuss the benefits of a sleep routine for yourself and families, eating wholesome foods, recognising stressors, the importance of physical fitness and anything else that crops up. 
I am also in the process of creating a presentation to discuss the effects of sugar on the body and how blood sugar balancing can really benefit your health and the way you feel.”

Looking Ahead: Sarah's Future Plans

As she prepares to move to Lincolnshire at the end of the year, Sarah is determined to continue her work, creating new opportunities to support military families. She envisions sharing her infectious positivity and empowering others to believe in themselves, embracing the motto, "Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

“Joining HCA is one of the best decisions I have made. I have been subject to the challenges I have mentioned above either whilst serving in the RAF myself or being married to a partner who is, and have lost my identity along the way.
A big part of the military is the feeling of belonging and now I feel I belong to the HCA community, this is extremely empowering. To work alongside like-minded people with the same goal to help others realise their strengths is life changing.
The course encourages self discovery, it provides many detailed resources, an abundance of knowledge from professional and proven sources. I love how the team invests so much time and energy into their coaches, encouraging growth and vision sharing from each student. They are getting health coaching out there as a recognised career and I feel privileged to be a part of it.”

Explore a Career in Health Coaching

Sarah's journey highlights the incredible opportunities available through health coaching, especially for those looking to make a meaningful difference in their communities. If you're considering a career that blends fitness, nutrition, and personal support, health coaching could be the perfect path for you. 

At HCA, we are an approved learning provider for ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits), which provides educational funding to military serving personnel and service leavers.  Those eligible can apply their funding towards the tuition fees of our Level 5 Diploma in Health & Wellness Coaching training course.

To find out more, book a Discover health coaching call today. 

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