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What it means to be accredited as a Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching!

An interview with Nikki Wilson, Director of Studies for Health Coaches Academy.

Nikki Wilson - HCA Director of Studies Alison Jones - HCA Communications Director

As soon as we heard the news that HCA’s Diploma in Health Coaching had been accredited by Qualifi as a Level 5 course, we spoke with Nikki Wilson, HCA’s Director of Studies, to congratulate her and understand more about the significance of the news.

Ali: Firstly Nikki, can I say congratulations on your recent accreditation as a Level 5 Diploma with Qualifi. How do you feel?

Nikki: I am both thrilled and relieved! It has been a rigorous process and I want to acknowledge all the HCA team members who played their part, and also the team at Qualifi who supported us through the accreditation pathway, step by step.

Ali: As Director of Studies for HCA, why was this such an important project for you in 2022?

Nikki: The Health Coaching profession is growing very quickly and is still relatively young, so it is essential that it develops with the appropriate quality standards in place. By seeking and achieving external validation via Qualifi, an Ofqual regulated awarding body, it helps to elevate the professional standards for the profession. This is very important to me personally and to all of us at HCA, it is a significant milestone.

Ali: Can you explain the significance of HCA becoming an approved Qualifi learning centre for the Level 5 Diploma in Health Coaching?

Nikki: This is highly significant for our training academy! Qualifi is respected by UK regulators as a credible awarding organisation, which means the HCA Diploma in Health Coaching is valued and recognised by employers and universities worldwide. The recognition and accreditation of our Diploma at Level 5 of the qualification framework means that it is equivalent to a Foundation degree. This is one of the highest (if not the highest) academic accreditation for a Diploma in Health Coaching in the UK. Perhaps you can see why we all feel so excited and proud! It’s a real testament to the quality of our tutors and student support team and the work they have been doing for years.

Ali: So what does this mean for HCA students?

Nikki: This is such good news for all our current students. It means that when they graduate they will be awarded a Level 5 Diploma which is universally recognised and valued. It will be gratifying for them to know that they are already working at a Level 5 and that their hard work will be rewarded.

Ali: And what about those who have not started their training as a Health Coach and who are considering their options?

Nikki: I highly recommend that all prospective students who are considering training as a Health Coach to do their research on courses and training providers. Be sure to find out what academic level is being offered and whether the course has been externally validated by a regulated body? And of course, it makes sense to aim high! HCA are committed to the highest standards, which is why being a Level 5 training provider is so important to us.

Ali: Now the HCA Diploma is officially recognised as a Level 5 qualification, does this change your entry requirements?

Nikki: No. HCA are committed to being accessible to a wide range of students and there is no academic pre-requisites. What is most important is that you are passionate and committed to making a difference to others; we therefore like to speak to everyone who is interested in training with us before we offer you a place. We also have an APL process (accreditation of prior learning) for those who already have some formal training in health or coaching related subjects.

Ali: Many thanks Nikki and very well done on achieving the Level 5 Diploma status.

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