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The Secrets to Health Coaching Success

With Professional Health & Wellness Coaches, Leane & Lyn

Tuesday 30th July | 12pm (UK) 1pm (SA)

Would you like to know how to make a successful living as a Health Coach?

Are you curious about the work opportunities for Health Coaches?
Would you like to know the earning potential in this fast-growing profession? 

Hear from two successful practicing Health Coaches, Leane Adolph and Lyn Hatch, as they share their secrets to Health Coaching success including the earning potential and endless job opportunities.

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"Doing this course is the best decision I have ever made! HCA are SO supportive and provide such a great community, you never feel alone. I really don't believe that you can become a Health Coach by just learning theory without any practical work and this is where HCA really stands out. They really help to prepare you for a successful health coaching career."



Kate, HCA Graduate

In this 1 hour webinar you will:

  • Gain valuable insights into what it's like to work as a Health Coach in the UK and South Africa 

  • Explore the diverse range of opportunities available in this rapidly growing profession, including the lucrative corporate space where businesses are now realising the need for a holistic approach to employee wellbeing

  • Learn how you can make a successful living as a full time or part time Health & Wellness Coach

  • Gain an inside look into client transformation stories and understand the profound and life-changing impact of health coaching

  • Learn about the pathway to becoming a professional Health & Wellbeing Coach through our Level 5 Diploma training course

Register Here:

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