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An interview with graduate Colleen Seabell-Dunt

When I heard about the course I was very sceptical about it as I was really only interested in learning more about health and not keen on the coaching side. After all what could I possibly learn about how to speak to people. I knew exactly how to do that, obviously!! How wrong I was. Coaching was the most important thing that I had to learn and oh and by the way, a ton of health information. How much I actually had to learn and change.

At the start of 2020 I felt that I needed to change and to be more confident in my conviction of healthy living. I was encouraged by my husband to do the course with Health Coaches Academy. It was a big step for me re-educating myself in my career and taking a very different course in life.

I was someone that “talks at” people and did not clearly hear what someone was saying to me.

I was not a great listener and always voicing my opinion. I was always the person that had to be heard (because I had so much to say) and was always thinking about what I was going to say in reply to the conversation. I have grown massively in who I am and what I have become - I now talk with people and not at people. I now hear what people are saying and allow them to say what they feel. I keep quiet and listen and it does not matter anymore if I don’t voice my opinion. I don’t have to prove myself and don’t need approval anymore. I never realised that I needed approval until I did the course.

This course has been invaluable and life changing for me. I could not have come as far as I have without the dedication and commitment from my amazing tutor Nikki Wilson and without the commitment from the rest of the group.

The coaching from Marcelle was inspiring and incredible to learn how by just listening and allowing someone to talk to find their own solution is life changing. The live webinars, the discussions and just the general learning was amazing. I am continually indebted to all for becoming the new me. I love who I am and where I am in life and have started to make a difference to people. I respect people. I respect their differences.

I respect that they are not in the health situation they are in by choice – they really don’t know what to do. The wonderful thing is that they respect me and look up to me and look to me for honesty and guidance. My clients have started to respect who they are and value who they have become.

I had one of my clients stay to me “I have started to be in love with my body and me again”.

It is so rewarding to see people grow and gain confidence in how to eat and how to live a healthy life. I love being a health coach and am going to change the world one person at a time. Bring on 2021! I am ready for you.

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