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An interview with graduate Crystal van Wijk

Doing the Health Transformation Coaching course has changed my life in so many positive ways. I developed a passion for health and wellness while at university, and after experiencing the incredible benefits of healthy living for many years, I just knew I couldn't keep it to myself. I

wanted to help others get the same breakthrough, and this course has equipped me to be able to do just that in a professional, structured, and holistic way. I started the course after deciding that I wanted a career and lifestyle change - tired of the pressures of corporate work and being bound to office hours, I wanted a career that would inspire, fulfil, and excite me, and saw this course as a way to get there.

As a bonus, the course also taught me valuable business and marketing skills to help me get my practice started. Thinking I would learn how to help others change, I never realised how much I would change and grow in the process too!

The course material helped me dig deep, uncover some of my own barriers to living my best life, and challenged me to take the next steps. What you put into this course is what you get out - so my advice is to truly take the time to immerse yourself in the content! I would highly recommend this course for any aspiring Health Coach - you won't ever see life or yourself in the same way once you're done.

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