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An interview with graduate Venetia Howes

What particularly have you enjoyed about the course?

As a personal trainer I found that there was something missing from my service The Health Coaching course was the answer. It gave me the additional tools and structure to help my clients set their health vision and goals. Instead of trying to give them possible solutions I am now able to coach them into realising their own solutions which I find they commit to more than when being told what to do.

One of the highlights of this course was that we were given the tools to coach – from My Healthy Life Plan workbook to the Nutrition Success Formula including the Blood Sugar Balancing Way of Life. These tools really make coaching easy and affective. My personal training clients were encouraged to follow the BSB way and they all felt it was enjoyable and easy to follow. They all saw fantastic results which made me feel like an effective trainer and coach.

Do you feel well equipped to practice as a Health Coach?

I definitely feel equipped to practice as a Health Coach. The course was exceptionally thorough. The notes and webinars were detailed and very interesting. I enjoyed the assignments. Not only did I learn a lot but I started to feel more confident with all the knowledge I was gaining. We were given so many tools and were taught how to use them effectively.

My Healthy Life Plan workbook is a great coaching tool and the Nutrition Success Formula is so detailed. I was able to start my practice as soon as I completed the course. I did not have to reinvent my own tools and worksheets.

Everything was at my fingertips to start practicing which I found to be immensely helpful.

What is your view of the DONE FOR YOU ready to go programmes and materials?

The material and programmes are fantastic. It is such an amazing value add and therefore makes this course so unique and so attractive to anyone considering studying Health Coaching.

If you attended the 3 day event, what was your experience of it?

The 3-day event was absolutely inspiring. During the three days I enjoyed meeting and interacting with different people who all had an interest in Health. The event also allowed us to interact with the directors and members of Zest for Life and the Health Coaches Academy who shared their knowledge with us. Not only did we go through the different sections of the course, but we got to experience health coaching in action which was absolutely inspiring and interesting.

In what ways have you grown or developed as a result of the course?

The course has helped me develop as an individual. I was able to set my own amazing vison and goals and achieve them within the year of my studies. I finally realised my dream of entering a bodybuilding bikini competition. I stood on stage in the best shape of my life. I never dreamed this would be possible however, with the right plan and process my vision was realised.

Having experienced the power of this course has made me an advocate in Health Coaching.

I personally realised the power of coaching and the benefits of the nutrition information. I have been able to build and add value to my personal training business. I. am now able to offer my clients a 360-degree solution - exercise training, health coaching and nutrition education. This course has helped me to grow my business. I now love what I do. I get so excited when my clients achieve their goals. Now I finally feel like I am making a positive impact on the lives of my clients.

Would you recommend this course to others?

I would definitely recommend this course, especially to people who have a personal training business. The course is a perfect fit. It allows you to offer far more value to existing clients. It gives you the tools to help your clients achieve their heath goals more effectively.

Before this course I tried to get my clients to reach their goals but once they left our training session they didn’t follow through. This course helped me to help my clients set a clear vision and achievable goals. I learnt how to coach and motivate them and how to move them through their barriers. I was also given scientifically based nutrition information which I could in turn encourage my clients to follow.

This course definitely made my job as a personal trainer easier and100% more effective. Also, my business has grown since I started practising as a Health Coach. I have moved my business to the online platform which has increased my opportunity to take on more clients. During the Covid -19 pandemic I was able to continue my business.

I was able to move my health coaching and personal training online without any major issues. Now I am able to grow my business even further by reaching out to and helping more people. The directors and staff at the Health Coaches Academy are amazing. They are so inspiring, passionate and supportive. I feel like I am now part of a community of like-minded people. I continue to be involved with the academy by taking part in webinars and continue to further develop. This, for me, is one of the most unique and powerful aspects this course offers.

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