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Combining Personal Training with Health Coaching: Venetia's Story

Venetia, a personal trainer in South Africa, discovered a missing piece in her service while working with clients: the ability to help them set holistic health goals and it was this realisation that led her to pursue Health Coaching with HCA.

Bridging the Gap

Before uncovering the potential of Health Coaching, Venetia had tried to guide her clients toward their goals during personal training sessions. However, she noticed a common trend: once the sessions concluded, many of her clients struggled to maintain their momentum and follow through with their objectives.

"Becoming a Health Coach with HCA has made my job as a personal trainer easier and 100% more effective.

Providing the tools and structure to help clients effectively set their health vision and goal, Venetia is now able to coach them into realising their own solutions and capabilities. This approach fosters a deeper commitment compared to simply dictating instructions, as clients take ownership of their journey.

Seamlessly Integrating Health Coaching with Personal Training

The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on assignments instilled Venetia with confidence in her coaching abilities. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and practical tools, including done-for-you coaching tools and workbooks such as healthy life plans, nutrition success formulas and the simple steps to implementing a blood sugar balanced lifestyle, she seamlessly integrated her Health Coaching qualification into her personal training services upon graduation. 

“I felt fully equipped and able to start Health Coaching as soon as I completed the course. I did not have to reinvent my own tools and worksheets. The tools and resources that you receive during the course add so much value and really make coaching easy and effective. They are enjoyable and easy to follow, particularly the Blood Sugar Balancing lifestyle and my clients have all seen fantastic results, which makes me feel like an effective trainer and coach.”

Venetia now offers a comprehensive wellness solution to her clients, blending exercise training, health coaching, and nutrition education.

Setting Up For Health Coaching Success

Her business, The Fit Weigh, has flourished, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, as she seamlessly transitioned her services online. The supportive community at HCA continues to inspire and motivate her, further fueling her dedication to making a positive impact on her clients' lives.

“The whole team, including the Directors at Health Coaches Academy are amazing. They are so inspiring, passionate and supportive. I feel like I am now part of a community of like-minded people. I continue to be involved with the academy by taking part in webinars and continue to further develop. This, for me, is one of the most unique and powerful aspects this course offers.”

A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth

The course's holistic approach, coupled with its practical tools, has not only improved her effectiveness as a trainer but also helped her to grow as an individual. 

“Whilst studying I have been able to set my own amazing vison and goals and achieve them within the year of my studies. I finally realised my dream of entering a bodybuilding bikini competition. I stood on stage in the best shape of my life. I never dreamed this would be possible however, with the right plan and process my vision became reality!”

Victoria enthusiastically recommends the course, especially to personal trainers seeking to enhance their offering:

“I would definitely recommend this course, especially to people who have a personal training business - it’s a perfect fit and allows you to offer far more value to existing clients. It has really helped me to grow my business. I now love what I do. I get so excited when my clients achieve their goals. I finally feel like I am making a positive impact on the lives of my clients.”

If you work in the health and wellbeing industry and would like to explore how becoming a Professional Health & Wellness Coach could complement your practice, we invite you to book a free Discovery call with one of our specialist course consultants. 

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