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The Role of Health Coaching for Men: Exploring Stereotypes

Whilst health coaching is becoming an increasingly popular tool for wellness, it remains a field largely dominated by women, both as coaches and clients. In this article, we’ll explore reasons why men can greatly benefit from Health Coach training. 

Breaking Down Stereotypes 

From a young age, men are socialised to be self-reliant and emotionally restrained. As a result, seeking support or working on their health is viewed as too “feminine” for them to engage with. This negative stigma that men face is a barrier preventing them from getting the support they need through avenues like health coaching. It can also discourage them from considering a career in health coaching or enrolling in Health Coach training

The lack of male Health Coaches perpetuates a cycle where men may feel even less comfortable seeking help, as they may prefer to discuss their health and wellness issues with someone who can understand and relate to their experiences. It also reinforces the false notion that health and wellness are primarily women’s concerns, further embedding the stereotypes that discourage men from engaging with and benefiting from health coaching.

A man in health coaching at Health Coaches Academy event

With that in mind, here are three inspirational stories from men who decided to go against the grain:

Dexter Magaya Jumo 

Health Coaches Academy 2023 Graduate 

Health coaching set Dexter and his family on a life-changing path:

“The course has really changed my life and that of my family drastically like 360 degrees. Before starting both my wife and I weighed about 96Kg. Within 9 months into my studies, we had both come down to 78Kg for me and 76Kg for her.”

An inspiration to his community: 

“I have been able to help many members of my community with awareness on what to eat for a healthy lifestyle and how to keep in shape to minimise common diseases.”

Simon Heale 

2023 Graduate 

HCA training enabled Simon to help others improve their health and lead fulfilling lives:

“Deciding to do the HCA training has undoubtedly been a pivotal life moment for me. The nutritional awareness and knowledge I am gaining including the depth of coaching skills provided has equipped me with a powerful mode of health change for all. Being able now to be a guide to better health, to coach to find a life of vitality and fulfilment is a privilege to witness unfolding. My time with HCA has been life-changing.”

Increasing male representation in health coaching:

“For one there are very few men in the sector, and very few training certainly compared to women. I have been championing for more men to enter Health Coaching as we have our experiences of health and wellness, our challenges, our fears and expectations to bring to the party.”

Understanding the importance of men’s health and wellness:

“Adding to this, I would stress that generally men's relationships with health and wellbeing is sport/exercise or not at all. It is only when the wheels come off and someone in authority (white coat syndrome) says something needs to change that action is taken. As a representative of this gender and as a Health Coach I am duty bound to lift the veil around health and wellness, to help men understand their bodies, what they need to flourish, and how to be the best versions of themselves for themselves, for those around them and for society.”

Millicent Tlhapane 

2023 Graduate

Being open-minded to health and wellness coaching had a profound impact on Millicent’s life:

“I opened up to an idea that I was not sure would have such an impact in my life and I am grateful that I allowed myself to be transformed.”

“I committed to clarify my wellness vision and trial the blood sugar balancing eating plan. The actions I took are rewarding - I feel good about myself, I choose to do more of the things I like, my sleeping routine has improved and I have gained peace of mind.”

Why Male Health Coaches Are So Important

These stories highlight the need for the unique perspectives and experiences that men can bring to this profession. As Simon points out, men often have a binary relationship with health, typically focusing on sports and exercise or neglecting health entirely until a crisis occurs—what he refers to as "white coat syndrome." 

This study suggests that men are much more likely to attend health coaching than other face-to-face forms of help such as counselling or psychotherapy. This signifies a need for greater male representation to address men’s unique health needs. 

By becoming Health Coaches, men can not only provide mentorship and guidance based on their experiences but also help dismantle the stereotypes that prevent men from engaging in more comprehensive health and wellness practices.

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