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Turning Passion into Profession: Annina's Journey in Health Coaching

Annina, a dedicated veterinarian with 35 years of experience, has always been passionate about promoting holistic health. While she continues to work part-time in veterinary medicine, she felt a calling to do more for people's wellbeing. This desire led her to train as a Health & Wellness Coach and pursue her dream of bringing joy, peace, and health to others through her business, ‘Joy for the Body, Soul, and Mind’.

Discovering the perfect fit in health coaching

Initially drawn to health coaching because it aligned perfectly with her vision of joyful, holistic health, Annina said: “Health coaching just ticked all the boxes for me”. Her goal is to live life to the fullest and help others do the same and now certified in this fast-growing profession, she is enjoying doing exactly that. 

3-Day Live Health Coach training event

Hosting transformative health and wellness retreats

Annina is actively following a long-held dream and planning to host health and wellness retreats at her farm in the Eastern Cape in October 2024 and at her beach house in early 2025. These retreats aim to provide a sanctuary where people can escape the stresses of everyday life, connect with nature, and rediscover themselves.

As a precursor to these upcoming retreats, Annina ran a ‘trial’ retreat for her case study clients who she worked with during her Health & Wellness Coaching training course, as a token of appreciation for their support. She also invited two friends she met on the course, who were part of her TRIPOD group, to share their expertise on mindful eating and line dancing. 

This trial retreat was a resounding success, featuring a small, intimate group of 10-12 people engaging in activities, meditation, social connections, and leisure. Guests enjoyed a fun-filled and wonderful weekend, with some opting for further health coaching from Annina.

Pursue a career in health and wellbeing

Would you love to work in the health and wellbeing industry? It’s never too late to pursue your passion and turn it into a profession. If you would like to discover what a career in health coaching could look like for you, book a free call with one of our specialist course consultants. 

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