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The power duo: How health coaching can benefit your personal training business

Jeanette, a qualified Personal Trainer, found herself at a crossroads in her career. With years of experience helping clients achieve their fitness goals, she felt something was missing and wanted to delve deeper into the holistic aspects of health and wellness.

This desire led her to health coaching, prompting her to enroll with HCA to become a Professional Health & Wellness Coach. She aimed to integrate these new skills with her personal training services, recognising the interconnected relationship between the two fields.

Discovering a new passion

As Jeanette began to integrate health coaching principles into her personal training sessions, she discovered a profound passion for supporting her clients beyond physical exercise. She started asking more insightful questions such as: Why do they make certain decisions regarding their health? What motivates their training? What type of foods do they eat? How do they relax? This approach allowed her to address the underlying causes of unhealthy behaviors and promote sustainable lifestyle changes.

Integrating health coaching tools

Jeanette found that incorporating health coaching tools with her personal training clients worked seamlessly. She used techniques like the ‘Feel Good Rewards’ tool to help clients find non-food-related ways to reward themselves. This approach helped her clients realise that true health encompasses more than just exercise - it requires a personalised strategy that addresses all facets of wellbeing.

Whole life coaching tool

By combining training, diet, and health coaching, Jeanette has created a comprehensive programme that resonates deeply with her clients. As a result, they have learned to focus on their strengths, move past limiting beliefs, and tackle the emotional roots of their unhealthy habits.

She has also become involved in a medical weight loss clinic, where she helps clients understand that lifestyle changes, rather than temporary diets, are key to long-term success. 

Words of wisdom to aspiring Health Coaches 

Jeanette’s advice to other Health Coaches is simple yet profound: 

“Be you. Practice what you preach. Be the person that you are projecting to your clients so that they can see that you walk the walk and talk the talk.” 

Through her dedication and innovative approach, Jeanette has not only enhanced her personal training practice but also significantly improved the lives of her clients, demonstrating the true potential of health coaching.

To discover what a career in health coaching could look like for you, book a free call with one of our specialist course consultants:

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