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An interview with graduates Leane and Alex

Leane and Alex met at the HCA 3 day live training and started a business together called The Health Coach Consultancy and an opportunity for Health Coaches to connect.


I was always into health and was sporty as a child; but in my career I felt my soul was dead in terms of what I was doing and sought to fill the void by lots of activity, taking part in competitions and starting businesses - but the void just got bigger and bigger. I started getting insomnia, my thyroid became overactive and I began to lose my health.. At age 44 I decided to do something that fed by soul ….but how to do I turn what I love into a career?

I came across an advert for HCA, had my interview with Alison and signed up for the course. I still had a few fears and doubts but working through the Coaching TRIPODS and doing my case studies, I could finally see how I could make a real difference at the end of the day

If we don’t have our health - it effects all areas of our lives.

Halfway through the course Leane and I could see we shared a much bigger vision than just being a individual health coach and we decided we wanted to make an even bigger impact by forming a company together, which we have now done! I am so glad I did this course! Thank you HCA


Firstly thank you to the HCA team for making this collaboration possible for us, which was instigated by the course, the connections and the team. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

I spent 18 years in marketing and then did a life coaching course but it didn’t feel quite right. On my journey I came across the HCA website and just knew this was the answer to what I was looking for - I spoke to Alison on my initial call with HCA and I knew instinctively this was for me.

I arrived at the 3 day training and decided to connect with as many people as possible and met Alex on the 3rd day. We coached each other in the final coaching session and learnt about each other and found there were many parallels; we met once a week after that and supported each other through our studies. Then we realised we had a like-minded vision!

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