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HCA training has undoubtedly been a pivotal life moment for me

Deciding to do the HCA training has undoubtedly been a pivotal life moment for me. The nutritional awareness and knowledge I am gaining including the depth of coaching skills provided has equipped me with a powerful mode of health change for all. Being able now to be a guide to better health, to coach to find a life of vitality and fulfillment is a privilege to witness unfolding. My time with HCA has been life changing.

My Health Coaching career has only just begun but one of my first clients was an 82 year old gentleman who had lost his mojo, felt low, and most importantly had stopped running.

I offered him various possibilities, including a nutritional approach through Health Coaching and it felt right for him. We agreed upon an 8 week programme.

If we fast forward to now: it took longer than the 8 weeks, he decided a break after 5 weeks was necessary, there were many bumps in the road which were mainly about him adapting to new behaviours and choices at his age, but slowly (that is the key!) and with supportive coaching, he established new eating habits, more helpful routines, got rid of things that were holding him back and found a deeper sense of purpose again.

He now runs his target mileage each week, has lost weight, feels wonderful and his relationships are flourishing. It’s not just about eating better, it's so much more than that, but it takes time, courage, awareness and a whole lot of support.

Simon Heale

2023 Graduate

“Down in the dumps, overweight, and unfit. That’s what I felt as an 82-year-old who’d stopped distance running for over two years. Last June, Health Coach Simon Heale, through a combination of empathy and professional advice, inspired me to practice the blood sugar way of achieving a balanced diet and get me moving again. But I had to set my own goals. So I chose to lose 7 kg and run 8 km by this autumn. I achieved both well ahead of schedule. More important: I feel younger, fitter, and happier all round." - Simon's Client

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