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"I have witnessed some amazing client transformations"

“The personal growth that I experienced through this course was immense! I have grown in confidence, gained a clear sense of direction, are more mindful and have a more positive view on life than when I started the course. I am a lot healthier and my life is now more balanced. I have loads more energy and I am enjoying life more.

I have witnessed some amazing client transformations. One has lost 6 kgs in just 6 weeks, while another said that Health Coaching has saved their marriage thanks to being able to show up more positively at home and in their relationship.

I already have clients and a presentation lined up for January and am looking forward to growing my practice and setting up health retreats.

I have also had several collaboration conversations; one with a yoga instructor and another with a Neuro Coach.”

Chaneen Dippenaar 

2023 Graduate

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